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Bath & Dry

Luxurious Bath & Dry

All baths include massage bath, brush, dry, nails.

Bath Small from $30

Bath Medium from $40

Bath Large from $50

Bath X-Large from $60

Bath XX-Large from $70

Mini Groom

Maintenance groom or first groom for puppies

All mini grooms include massage bath, brush, dry, nails.


Mini Groom Small from $40

Mini Groom Medium from $50

Mini Groom Large from $60

Mini Groom X-Large from $70


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Full Groom

Fully styled haircut perfectly suited to your needs

All grooms include massage bath, blowdry, brush, nails.

Full Groom X-Small from $70

Full Groom Small from $80

Full Groom Medium from $90

Full Groom Large from $100

Full Groom X-Large from $110

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